6-9 month Baby Update & Must-Haves

Long time, no post. It’s been a crazy few months in our house. It’s been great, but I just feel like there’s been a lot going on.

Life update: I feel like we’ve just been going for the last few months. Holidays and family stuff. Getting stuff done. Everything that comes with life. If I look around my house, I don’t see much “accomplished”. But I also can’t seem to find the time to have done anything. Anyone else? Just me? Can’t be.

My husband got a new job, which is so exciting! We got to spend almost 2 whole weeks together, which we’ve never done! He got one week off when Avery was born and a week off for our wedding. He really never got to take time off at his old job so this 2 weeks was amazing. We’ve been able to just spend time together like never before. Now we’re all back to trying to find our old routine. I loved having him home, but I feel like I’m adjusting to being a SAHM all over again.

Baby update: She’s NINE months old. Where does the time go? I’ve always heard things like “don’t blink…they grow up too fast”, but SERIOUSLY! I feel like she went from newborn to toddler overnight.

  • She really mastered crawling. There’s no keeping her still. She’s all over the place and crawling into things.
  • She can pull herself up & stand for a little bit on her own.
  • She started walking really well, as long as she’s got a walker or something to hold on to.
  • She rarely wants to be spoon fed. She’d rather pick the food up and feed herself. She doesn’t eat pureed food any longer, and instead eats whatever we’re having for dinner. Unless it’s pizza night, then she eats something else. This girl loves everything! Yogurt, scrambled eggs, broccoli, green beans, chicken, pork chops, salmon, rice, pasta…you name it, she probably loves it.
  • She started babbling, but still hasn’t said any real words with intention.
  • She’s still toothless.
  • She still has a serious Wubbanub addiction. I think we have 10 or 11 total and all of them are in the crib every single time she’s in it. 2 or 3 are nearby at any given time that she’s awake.
  • She’s still a peanut. She’s only 17 pounds and 27 inches. She can finally fit in shoes and keeps them on (for the most part). She truly was a size 0 in shoes FOREVER!
  • Her hair is finally long enough for a ponytail. Although it’s the uneven, oh so typical baby ponytail. It makes me pretty happy though!
  • I’ve got to start really planning a first birthday party, which hurts my heart but makes my over-the-top organized self simultaneously happy.
  • She also stopped nursing, which was so hard for this mama.

We really had an easy breastfeeding journey. She never had issues latching. She always ate well. Her lack of weight gain really became a concern when she was 2 months old. Her pediatrician (who I absolutely love!) had me start mixing cereal into 2 bottles of expressed milk every day, just for extra calories. She said if that didn’t work, we’d have to consider formula. I just wasn’t ready for making that change. I didn’t need to be ready for it either because the cereal worked! She consistently gained weight for the next several months.

She was sick off an on for all of month 7 with respiratory and ear issues. She was in and out of the doctor’s office, immediate care, and even an ER trip because she was just so sick. Every time we saw any medical personnel they’d ask “How’s she eating?” I always said she’s not really eating – she would barely nurse and didn’t want any solids. They always told me “Oh, that’s just because she doesn’t feel well. She’ll go back to normal as soon as she feels better.” So I tried to nurse her very often! She got a lot of pedialyte, and whatever I could from my expressed milk stash. I pumped often, but not as much as I should have (hindsight is always 20/20).

She had been completely fine for 2 full weeks on her 8 month birthday, but still wasn’t nursing well. She was hurting me by scratching, pinching, and just fighting. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t like it had always been. So I called her pediatrician’s just to see how much liquid she should be getting every day, and she was nowhere close to that amount. The nurse was going to talk with her pediatrician for more guidance, but I knew what was coming. I had a total meltdown just talking with my husband about it. I told him I was going to buy formula because that’s what the next call was going to say. I cried all the way to Target and stood in that aisle looking at every single can’s ingredients. I finally just had to choose one and come home with it. She absolutely loved that first bottle, which made it even harder on me.

I felt like I had failed her. I felt like she didn’t need me anymore. It took me some time, but I realized that I went 6 months further than my original stopping point. We were quickly approaching the stopping point when she was 2 months old, and we found a way to extend her nursing to 8 months. I talked with her pediatrician more last week about it and asked if this is something I need to worry about in the future. She said it could be, but it might be totally different. I never got the testing done, but all of her data suggests that my milk just has less calories than the norm. She said even if I would have had my milk analyzed and it was fewer calories, she would have still encouraged me to nurse. She said she doesn’t care if babies are tiny. She only cares that they grow at a good rate, which she has! That conversation really helped me. I didn’t feel like a failure any longer. I’ve just realized that my girl got too comfortable not working for her food over that month of being sick. Also, that I had a major drop in my supply because she wasn’t nursing well when she did & I wasn’t pumping enough. It was just a perfect storm of shit things happening.

Also, the pain of your milk drying up. WHAT THE HELL?! And the hormones, DOUBLE WHAT THE HELL?! No one tells you about those “side effects”. Do your research ladies.

6-9 Baby Must-Haves:

Baby Care Playpen

This thing is a god send for anytime that you need to walk away for a few minutes, whether it’s to answer the door, pee, or do dishes. There’s no way for her to escape. It’s HUGE (5 feet by 7 feet), so make sure you’ve got the space. It’s kind of like a play room within my living room. I don’t let the dogs go in it, and leave the gate open almost all the time. She crawls in and out to get toys. I also didn’t fall for the crazy expensive mat that fits it perfectly. I bought a MUCH cheaper 5×7 rug on Amazon and it works just fine! Also, we got it when it was on sale at Buy Buy Baby for 25% off and I had a 20% off coupon on top of that.
Link: https://tinyurl.com/wazs2aa

Graco DuoDiner Highchair in Holt

I have zero complaints about this highchair. The tray is so easy to attach, take off, and clean. It rolls really easily around my house. I love the empty space behind the seat (the space that would be taken up if the seat was fully reclined) because it perfectly holds bibs. The cushion and straps are really easy to take out & wash in your washing machine. I’ve even left the cushion and straps off lately (just because my kid makes a mess when she eats), and she’s perfectly fine without it. I also love that it’s neutral & doesn’t look like a highlighter.
Link: https://tinyurl.com/qlcfp83

Disposable Placemats

My kid is a table licker and there’s no amount of Lysol that will make me feel better about the germs that restaurant tables have. These have sticky strips on the other side, and just stick to the table. You peel them up when you’re done! It’s so easy to put chunks of food down for her to grab and eat. It also gives her something to look at & be entertained. I found something similar (but it only had 18) at Target. These 60 come in a ziploc-style bag and I keep the whole thing in my diaper bag.
Link: https://tinyurl.com/vhmdxed

Honest Company Overnight Diapers

We use Pampers Swaddlers. I swear by them, they’re great. The only issue is nighttime. These are the only overnight diapers I’ve found in a store for her tiny size. She gets 6-8 ounces of formula before bed and sleeps for 11-12 hours without a leak.
Link: https://tinyurl.com/wwvn2mx

These are a few of her favorite toys:

VTech Busy Learners’ Activity Cube

Link: https://tinyurl.com/sdhyorw

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Link: https://tinyurl.com/yxx2tmbd

Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack

Link: https://tinyurl.com/tsclzek

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