Nursery Tour

I love glitter and everything girly. However, I don’t like pastel colors & I didn’t want a themed nursery (with characters or animals).

We want more kids, so our plan from the get-go was that Avery’s room will always be the nursery & we’ll move her to her “big girl” room when it’s time for baby #2. I knew I wanted purple walls, but really wanted everything else to be neutral. I wanted to be able to repaint the walls and use the same furniture again, no matter what gender baby #2 is.

I love everything farmhouse & buffalo check. Joanna Gaines is one of my idols. Who doesn’t want a house that Jo designed or approves? Now, I’ve never seen her paint a room so bold, but we can’t be exactly the same.

Black & white is not a typical color scheme for a nursery, and especially a baby girl’s nursery. But it’s exactly what I wanted!

Here’s where we got the pieces:

Because this room is so small, I didn’t see the point (or a possibility) of getting a dresser & separate changing table. So I went with a simple changing pad on top of a small, but deep dresser.

A dog bed in Avery’s nursery was a must for me! There’s a 50/50 shot that I have at least one dog (usually my older dog, Bella) with me during late night & early morning feedings.
This is a convertible crib that can be turned into a toddler bed & eventually full-size bed.
I love having a leather gliding recliner. It’s easy to wipe up all those baby messes! I’ve also got an extra phone charger next to the chair. The top drawer in this table is the “mommy” drawer, filled with chapstick, hair ties, etc. I store extra crib sheets & changing pad covers in the bottom drawer.
The glass stand holding pacis is actually our cake plate from our wedding!

I knew I wanted her closet to be super organized because the room is not big at all! The amount of wasted space in a long closet like this would be insane, so I showed my stepdad some Pinterest pictures and he came up with this design. The material cost about $100 total & will be useful for any children we have, but also any future owners we sell this house to.

Both sides have double hanging rods, but I’ve taken out one rod on the left to store clothes that either don’t fit anymore or don’t fit quite yet. I’ve got a basket in the cubbies for receiving blankets, mittens/hats/swim gear, pacifiers & paci wipes, burp cloths, bibs, and headbands. The extra cubbies hold extra creams & lotions, shoes, diapers, and wipes (which I obviously needed more of seeing that it’s empty!) We got the baby scale from a family member when she was still a newborn. It was a godsend because we had to track her weight for a while.

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