Baby Meds – Over the counter & Pediatrician approved

You will need a few medicines for baby at some point. You won’t know you need them until baby is screaming at 2 A.M. Just go ahead and get them ahead of time! You’ll figure out what works & what doesn’t for your baby once they’re here. All of these are over the counter & approved by our pediatrician.

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water

Avery had colic and really bad gas for the first couple of months, and then she just outgrew it. She still gets gassy sometimes, but not nearly as bad. Gripe water was hit & miss for us. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes it didn’t. I did really like this brand because it’s all organic and I can understand the ingredient label! The “nighttime” formula has chamomile in it & I always found more “hits” with that formula.
Normal Gripe Water:
Nighttime Gripe Water:

Little Remedies Gas Drops

These were a staple for the first couple of months with Avery. Lately, they’ve come back into play in our house again! She loved them & they truly took care of her gas pains in minutes.


Your pediatrician will tell you at one appointment to give your baby Tylenol (whether it’s because of a fever or because they’re getting shots). The box tells you that you can’t give it to super young babies, but your pediatrician will give you the proper dosage.

Avery got her first cold and this is what our pediatrician & her nurses recommended:


This took a lot of personal growth to buy. Obviously, I did it as soon as it was recommended. That doesn’t mean I wanted to though! It sounded disgusting (and still grosses me out to this day), but it works so well! Our pediatrician’s nurses said this works better than the typical bulb syringe. It is really easy to clean also!

Boogie Wipes

Your baby’s nose is going to be so dry and irritated from their cold. Everyone told me that these weren’t necessary to buy ahead of baby’s birth, but I shouldn’t have listened to them. These are so gentle & clean baby’s face so easily.

Saline spray

There is a saline spray that comes in the Nose Frida box, but I didn’t know that until I opened the box up at home. I bought this bottle to use before the Nose Frida & it worked great!


This really helped to keep her nose from getting so congested while she was sleeping.

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