Hospital Packing List

I am an over packer. I always bring a full suitcase for a weekend trip. I rarely forget to pack something for a trip. Honestly, I pack for my husband also and he just asks for specific items of clothing.

Packing for the hospital was a bit overwhelming to think of. I couldn’t just run home really quickly if I forgot something. While I was pregnant, I asked women I’m close to for their advice, looked on Pinterest, and watched YouTube vlogs from new mommas. I always found something I disagreed with, which isn’t a hard task to accomplish because I’m naturally argumentative.

I found that I was not prepared for my hospital stay. I had lots of things with me that worked, but failed to pack what I actually needed & ended up wanting. I was hospitalized from Friday through Wednesday. I ended up in an emergency c-section.

Knowing what I know now, here is what I will pack for any future babies (that will born via scheduled c-sections). Honestly, I will be in the hospital one day more than a typical delivery. It doesn’t hurt to pack for an unplanned c-section just in case because it’s not that different. There’s a little more quantity (for an extra day) and maybe a couple extra items. I wish I would have.

For myself:

  • 3 pairs of maternity leggings (I never once wore the nightgowns or robe I packed. The leggings and tank tops made me feel more secure & put together. They kept everything in place, because those lovely hospital underwear fail to.)
  • 3 nursing tanks
  • 1 nursing bra (If you’re bringing tanks, the nursing bras aren’t as necessary. If you’re bringing flowy, loose shirts, bring more nursing bras instead of tanks.)
  • 2 zip up jackets or sweaters (You will want to be able to easily cover up for visitors.)
  • Slippers & socks

For Mike:

  • New pack of plain t-shirts (It’s something nice for him, and it’s easier to pack because it’s already folded so small. This also gives him an extra shirt or two, just in case.)
  • 3 pairs of comfy pants (sweatpants and shorts)
  • 2 sweatshirts
  • Slippers & socks
  • Underwear

For baby:

  • 3-4 total outfits in preemie/newborn sizes (Avery wore preemie clothes for a month, even though she was 6 pounds 15 ounces at birth! She was just so thin. Also, a lot of brands’ preemie clothes fit babies up to 7 pounds.)
    • Extra tip: Put each of baby’s outfits together in a gallon ziploc bag. I did this and it was so nice! I was able to tell my mom or Mike to just grab another bag out instead of “No, that pink knotted hat is in the bag somewhere. Can you please look again?” In each bag I placed:
      • footed sleeper
      • knotted hat and/or bow
      • swaddle blanket
      • pair of socks
      • pair of mittens (if the sleeper doesn’t have fold over mittens)
  • Car seat
  • Car seat cover
  • Specific pacifiers that you plan to use

Shared products & extras:

  • Toiletries
    • toothpaste/toothbrush
    • body wash
    • shampoo/conditioner
    • face wash & moisturizer
    • deodorant
    • perfume/cologne
    • chap stick
    • body lotion (bring the lotion you want to use on baby! You’ll be snuggling and want to use something that’s safe for them.)
    • cuticle clippers (they are so easy to cut baby’s fingernails with!)
    • dry shampoo/hair product
    • hairbrush
    • hair ties
    • blow dryer (I personally don’t let my hair air dry often because it’s so long and gets tangled easily)
    • makeup (if you want – I didn’t use makeup the entire time I was there)
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Insurance card
  • Driver’s license or ID
  • Empty ziploc bag (for ID bands and keepsakes)
  • Empty trash bag (for your dirty clothes)
  • Extra long phone chargers
  • 2 thin extension cords (you probably won’t be that close to a plug for your phone)

If you’re feeling fancy:

  • Fan (it gets WARM in hospitals)
  • Snacks (not packing snacks might give dad something to do and not go so stir crazy)
  • Laptop (we had been waiting for the final episode of Game of Thrones & having a baby earlier that morning sure wasn’t going to make us miss it!)

The best advice I can give you is to pack your belongings in a rolling suitcase! No one will look at you & judge you over it. It makes things so much easier for dad to transport back and forth to the vehicle.

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