Must Have Baby Products

The entire time I was pregnant I did soooooo much research on what baby products I wanted to use. In her first 3 months, I’ve found that there’s still some things I don’t love for Avery but some I love more than I thought I would. Here’s everything I can’t live without!

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine & Night Light

This is a god send for bedtime. It’s small & won’t take up the whole table or nightstand. You can adjust the sound & light from the machine but also your phone. We have it set for a storm sound and a dim light. I love that she’ll be able to use it for so long!

Rolling Carts

I registered for 2 of these carts (one for downstairs & one for upstairs) to keep a lot of baby products on. I’m so glad! I keep everything on these carts, from lotion to pacifier wipes & my breast pump to burp cloths. One of my fears about having a baby was that my house would look like the Fisher Price store threw up in my living room. This really helps keep everything organized and looking neat!

Copper Pearl bibs

These are the best bibs! They’re cute and easy to use. I love the different prints (they have so many more on their own site, but sell some on Amazon & Buy Buy Baby). Besides how they look, they work! They NEVER get wet on the bottom layer, no matter how much baby girl drools or spits up. I don’t know how they do it, but they do! Copper Pearl sells so many designs in coordinating bibs, swaddles, hats, burp cloths, quilts, and car seat covers.

Green Sprouts burp cloths

Just like the Copper Pearl bibs, these things never soak through! I love how soft they are, but I mostly love the curved design. They are much wider at the ends (which is nice for catching everything) but tapered in the middle. It makes them sit very nicely on your shoulder.

Swaddle blankets

I love swaddle blankets. They are so soft and big! My baby girl was born in late spring and I was able to use these all summer. I honestly don’t plan to stop using them! They’ll be great through the fall and to layer with a thicker blanket in the winter. They are perfect for wrapping baby girl up if we’re just in the living room, or putting on top of her in the car seat or stroller. My favorites are from Copper Pearl and Gigi & Max.


Our little girl is a big fan of pacifiers (and has been since she was only hours old). For the first couple of months, we exclusively used the Avent Soothies. She loved them and I never had an issue with them. Now, she’s exclusively using the Itzy Ritzy Sweetie Soothers. These are my favorites! Now that she’s almost 4 months old, she wants to chew on the outside of the pacifier also. These are designed to be safe for her to chew on any part.
Avent Soothie:
Itzy Ritzy Sweetie Soother:

Paci wipes

We use a pack of these each week! Because we have 2 dogs, pacifiers can easily get contaminated. They’re so easy to use and inexpensive.

Pacifier Clips

Baby girl is a big fan of pacifiers. Pacifiers drop ALL THE TIME. You might as well clip them to baby’s clothes or the straps on their car seat (which also makes it easier to find the paci when you’re driving). I love that baby girl can chew on these teething beads and the paci.

Honest Company hygiene products

The Honest Company has the best smelling hygiene products. I use them every day on baby girl, but I also use them! The sweet orange vanilla & dreamy lavender are my favorite scents. Also, the pump on the shampoo/body wash (I don’t use the conditioner yet) is so easy to use! It doesn’t get stuck like other pumps, which is very important during bath time.

Boppy Lounger

This is so great! I tried to use the traditional Boppy pillows for feeding, but didn’t love them. This was a game changer! Avery spit up so much at every feeding and the entire break between feedings. This allowed her to sit up slightly and really helped! It’s also easy to move from room to room with you if baby falls asleep on it.

Fridababy DermaFrida

Avery never got cradle cap, and I think this is a big reason why! I have used this during every single bath since she was born. It’s so easy to use. Her hair gets washed in 30 seconds or less! She gets super clean & I don’t have to worry if I’m scratching her with my fingernails.

Diaper Genie

I had so many people (including my mom) say this is not important & that I wouldn’t ever use it. Joke’s on them because I put every single diaper I change upstairs in this. The main reasons I got it were my dogs & smell. The trash from our bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs doesn’t get taken out every day. I wanted something to put diapers in that wouldn’t smell if a diaper was in it for a few days. Also, it closes tight, which means my dogs couldn’t get into it and grab a diaper. If you have dogs, you know that fear.

Play Mat

This is great for play time on baby’s back or tummy time. We’ve used this since baby girl was just a couple of weeks old. She lays on it on the floor, but I also can fit it in the pack ‘n play. I can wheel the pack n play into my kitchen when I’m cooking and she’ll kick away while grabbing the toys. Now, I can prop her up and put the piano on her lap to play with.
This is a great way to entertain and play with young babies!


Again, I was adamant that my living room wouldn’t look like a Fisher Price store. I wanted baby products that were more neutral. This swing is so great! I love how quiet it is, but also the different kinds of movements. It moves more like a mother rocking her baby than a typical swing. You can adjust the incline to have baby sitting almost all the way up or laying almost completely flat. Also, it took all of 5 minutes to assemble! It has music that plays, but honestly we don’t use that at all.

Alexa Echo

Do anything you can do to make your home “smart” before baby arrives. You don’t have enough hands to play music from your phone or tv, make phone calls, set reminders, or function as a normal human. Alexa takes care of all that for you. We have one set up in our living room (our downstairs is basically open concept), baby’s room, and our room.

Pack ‘N Play

I love this pack ‘n play for many reasons. I love that it’s neutral. Besides my fear of pastel and bright colors taking over my house, I can use it for future children (boy or girl). The napper flips over to a changing pad. I never kept the mobile up. It wasn’t in the way, but I found it easier to store things or lay baby girl down without it there. I’ve had one of these set up in my living room (and it still is set up today). I also had one set up in my bedroom while she slept in there for the first two months (instead of a typical bassinet). She slept in the napper or on the raised newborn “floor”.

Baby carrier

I never wanted to get one of these. I always assumed they’d make my back sore (which I’ve had issues with for over a decade). It is such a huge help! My back doesn’t hurt at all from using this carrier. She can face me or outward. I can also grocery shop with her in this, instead of having the car seat take the entire cart up. This is the exact carrier I use, and it’s cheaper than a lot of other options!

Video Subscription

I always heard that I would never watch TV after having a baby. I don’t know what those women did. The TV is constantly on in my house, even if it’s just to get some noise going. I’ve watched more TV in 3 months than I think I ever have.

Maxi Cosi Adorra travel system

There are so many different reviews on car seat safety. I really liked the reviews I read on this system & got it. I don’t really use the actual stroller seat yet (which converts into a bassinet-like seat). I keep the adapters on the stroller in my trunk, so that I can pop the car seat onto it no matter where I am. It’s really easy to use; however, the stroller could be a tad easier to collapse. Once you use it a time or two, it’s not a problem anymore. Also, travel systems are so incredibly expensive! This has great safety ratings for the price.

Itzy Ritzy stroller caddy

This is so convenient! You can throw your phone, drink, keys, or snacks in it. I keep it attached to my stroller in the trunk of my car so that I never go without it. It holds a lot more than you would think it can.

Diaper bag backpack

We love this diaper bag backpack. You don’t have enough hands to carry a car seat and a diaper bag. You might think you do, but you don’t. Go ahead and invest in a backpack instead of a typical diaper bag. They aren’t anymore expensive than a typical bag. The fabric stays really clean and it holds so much in all the compartments. Plus, my husband isn’t embarrassed to carry this (he would NEVER carry a pretty floral diaper bag).

Mom bag

If you don’t have enough hands for a diaper bag and car seat, you surely won’t have enough hands for a purse. I bought a wristlet pouch for myself (just big enough for my keys, wallet, and a few little items). I keep it in the diaper bag, but slide it into the car seat next to baby if we’re running into a store quickly. It’s so easy to keep track of & small enough to store in the diaper bag without losing any valuable space.

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