Baby Product Regrets & Shortcomings

There are things I’ve found some issues with over the first months of baby girl’s life, but also some things I wish I would have done differently.

Video monitor

I do like our baby monitor. It’s the Motorola MBP33XL. You can buy additional cameras for it, which is nice! It’s not hooked up to WiFi, therefore, it can’t be hacked. The screen is big enough to see clearly, but small enough to carry around the house. The only thing I don’t like is the battery life of the screen. The camera stays plugged in 24/7 over baby girl’s crib. However, the screen has a battery pack & can be plugged into it’s charger or unplugged for carrying it around. The charge life is awful. It only lasts for about an hour and then beeps obnoxiously loud to warn you that the battery is dying. I wish the battery would hold a better charge.

Blackout curtains

I wish that I would have used blackout curtains from the start in the nursery. I originally used sheer, white curtains that let in lots of light. That’s great during the daytime when we’re actually awake. However, the early morning feedings that she falls back asleep during are very bright for this momma. I installed these curtains in her nursery instead. They aren’t completely blackout, but definitely hinder the light coming in as brightly as it did. I’m also obsessed with everything buffalo plaid, as you’ll see in a nursery blog post later.

Non-hospital grade pump

I thought this pump was working just fine for nearly 3 months. I just couldn’t build up a freezer stash of milk. That’s when I realized that I didn’t have a hospital grade pump. I bought a Spectra S1 and saw a huge improvement instantly! I wouldn’t have ordered this pump at all if I would have known there was a difference between “regular” & hospital grade.

Bottle warmer

Even though I’m nursing baby girl, I always give her a bottle of breastmilk before bed. It gets her super full and always let me have another hour or so of sleep before waking her to feed her. Because I struggled getting a stash of milk stored, I pumped all day long & used a haakaa to get that milk. One night, the bottle tipped over in the bowl I was using to warm it & it spilled out. I was DEVASTATED. That night, this bottle warmer got ordered because it fit her bottles specifically. Sometimes I have to run the warming cycle 2x before it’s all the way warm (but that’s mostly because my fridge is set to such a cold temperature). It would have been so much easier to have this from the start rather than hoping the bottle stayed upright in whatever bowl I used to warm it up.

Portable bassinet

I completely regret NOT buying a portable bassinet like this. There have been so many outings where baby girl is napping & I’d love to lay her down somewhere safe & contained that’s not her car seat. It would be so easy to transport, in comparison to a large pack ‘n play. I also think this is a cheaper alternative to the Halo bassinet for nighttime. After a c-section, it might have been a lot easier to sit this right next to my bed. I wish I would have bought this. She’s too old now for me to justify buying it today, but I would still use it today if I had it from the start.

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