We knew we wanted kids sooner rather than later. Right around getting married, we realized that we wanted that sooner even sooner. Needless to say, I got pregnant 2 months after our wedding. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary with a 3 week old.

Every year I usually get a sinus infection/cold/something of that nature a few weeks into school year. Even though I taught high school, they still carry the plague like kindergartners. This was year #6 of teaching and it hit right around the beginning of September per usual. When I started feeling sick I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics. He asked if there was a chance I was pregnant and I said, “I don’t think so but we are trying”. Luckily, he did ask!

I never have a problem kicking that beginning of the year sickness. Towards the end of my second round of antibiotics, I thought something was wrong with me. I’ve NEVER had to go through 2 rounds of antibiotics for those beginning of the year germs. I was telling Mike about it and said I still just didn’t feel “right” & he happened to ask if I could be pregnant. I told him no & that I should be assured of that in the next couple of days.

Because we had been trying to get pregnant, I kept ovulation tests and pregnancy tests in my bathroom cabinet. I was out of them & picked them up at the store on my way home the very next day. I got home and needed to pee & thought “Why not?”. So I grabbed a stick, left it in the bathroom, and went to change clothes & hang out at home before cooking dinner. I forgot that I took a test.

When I remembered that I had taken a test (like an hour later), I walked into the bathroom just assuming it would say negative (like it did the month before). It didn’t. So I grabbed out the other 2 tests from the box, and tried those out. Why is it that women naturally don’t believe the test when it says positive?

I was crying & feeling every emotion – happy, scared, nervous. I had to get it together. I searched for and downloaded the first pregnancy app I saw & entered all my info. How millennial of me?! It immediately calculated my due date as May 23, 2019. So I went to Meijer and bought a plain white t-shirt for Mike. The best announcement I could come up with through the tears and preoccupied mind was a shirt that said “Baby Daddy est. May 2019”.

He came home and I couldn’t look at him until he picked the shirt. My face tells every emotion that I feel & he would immediately know that something was up. So I sort of hid in my kitchen and just told him that I bought him a shirt today and it was on the coffee table. I watched him pick it up and his jaw dropped. He could only say “Really?” He immediately went into panic mode, but was so excited.

We told a few people that night, but I didn’t want to tell people. I was so scared. I feel like all we hear about today are problems with pregnancies & miscarriages. I was terrified. I was terrified that something was wrong with the baby. I never wanted to have that horrible conversation with anyone just in case something happened.

We went to the first OB appointment on Halloween (six weeks later!) & were assured that there was a little baby cooking in there. Everything got really real that night.

By this point, I had been so sick for about 5 weeks. This doctor was new to me, but took me seriously when I said I had lost about 25 pounds in 5 weeks. “Morning sickness” is a joke. I’d consider it more like the worst hangover imaginable mixed with the flu. I had morning sickness candies, morning sickness bracelets, morning sickness spray mist, gingerale, etc. I had everything I could find on Amazon, but nothing really helped. I had moments of relief but I couldn’t break even. After that first OB appointment, I got to start a prescription & it really helped. At one point, I had lost 30 pounds.

The second trimester was such a relief. I felt pretty well overall. I still had some days that were rough with my stomach and just not feeling well overall, but much improved from the first trimester. We got to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas while I felt relatively ok. I was so happy about that because the holidays are my favorite part of the year.

My third trimester still started off fine. Around 30 weeks, I had started to see a lot of swelling in my feet. That’s the downside of being a teacher on your feet all day long while you’re pregnant. Did your pregnant teachers ever say ask you to continue working in small groups while she put her feet up on the desk? I considered it, but at that point it would’ve been a show to get your legs that high. I can’t begin to imagine the comedy show that would’ve ensued.

I also had raging migraines. They would always start with some sort of vision change, which absolutely terrified my doctor. Until I talked with her about it at a weekly appointment, I just attributed it to the fact that I am a class A allergy sufferer in the spring and wasn’t allowed to take my normal allergy medicine.

I also had a lot of abdominal pain from Braxton Hicks. I could feel all of those contractions but my abdomen suffered from them. My doctor was also really concerned about preeclampsia because I had a few indicators but luckily hadn’t tipped the scale towards diagnosis. I officially got diagnosed with preeclampsia when I was admitted for an induction.

Pregnancy is a beautiful beast. Our bodies are amazing and give life to this beautiful little baby. You grow that baby from a single cell into a 6 pound baby. There are rough parts though.

I was very sick for a long time. It’s not fun or the norm to lose weight when you’re pregnant. Even when I wasn’t sick anymore, I still didn’t have an appetite. I am the biggest fan of Mexican food & my pregnant stomach didn’t share my enthusiasm. I just hadn’t gained any weight really. I fluctuated within a 5 pound variance for the entire second and third trimesters (this was still 20-25 pounds below my starting weight). When I checked into the hospital, I was 20 pounds below my starting pregnancy weight. Every woman I know is perfectly content losing weight, but imagine being told at every basically every appointment that it’s a “concern”.

Your body hurts too! Your feet and legs swell to the point that you swear they’ll burst. Then again, you can’t see your feet. So that’s a perk!

Your back hurts.

Your head hurts.

You get out of breath by just standing.

Getting into bed is no problem. Getting out of bed is another story.

Getting out of the bathtub is tough too, and all you want to do is take a hot bath (but it can’t be as hot as you want it to be) because your whole body is sore.

It takes so long for some people to get pregnant, and some people never get the chance. I’m so grateful that I get my beautiful baby girl out of this story.

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